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Computer Applications




Learners are taught on how to use a computer and computer applications in an office, business or personal computing setting. CCA is a beginner’s course that offers students the following; An introduction to Computer systems and Operating Systems. Writing professional documents with Ms Word, organizing numerical data using Ms Excel, making presentations with Ms PowerPoint, designing databases with Ms Access, designing beautiful graphics with Corel Draw as well as using web technology for managing emails and learners are also given a good understanding of search engines and taught basic security in the Living Online module. CCA is offered every five weeks. It is a learner centered course that offers flexibility in time and date of study. CCA gives a wide and vibrant variety of course materials which have been carefully chosen to give any individual a good jump-start into computing.

It is expected that at the end of the course, the student will:

  1. Make use of computer resources for use business or academics settings.
  2. Construct business and academic documents using Microsoft Word.
  3. Create spreadsheets with formulas and graphs using Microsoft Excel.
  4. Develop presentations containing animation and graphics using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  5. Integrate Microsoft Office applications for use in business documentation, and communication and reporting functions

The course is designed for;

– Career beginners / starters

– Business Managers and executives

– Students in vacation/holiday

– Students from other courses outside the computing and information technology industry

– Corporate Secretaries looking to upgrade their skill sets

– Among others




Baraka Kinywa

You will enjoy it ... Razor Tech is the best in Kampala.

Razor Tech

Thank you for the kind words and recognition, Baraka Kinywa! At Razor Tech, we strive to provide the best learning experiences and top-notch educational programs in Kampala. Your feedback means a lot to us!


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